Taiwan to ban entry of non-resident foreigners from Jan 1, 2021 onwards

Due to current global COVID-19 epidemic development and the emergence of new virus strain around the world, the Taiwan CDC has tightened entry restrictions starting January 1 this year and the Ministry of Education (MOE) is suspending new students’ visa application process accordingly.

According to previous entry requirement (before the suspension), there are several steps to follow in order for new students to enter Taiwan legally:

1. The university must first report new student’s passport information and location to MOE.

2. MOE replies with approval number and the university informs the students about approval number. 

3. With the approval number from MOE, students may visit Taiwan Embassy to apply for student resident visa (required documents). 

4. After securing visa, students should first follow the group arrival dates set by the university and send copy of visa and flight ticket to university at least 2 weeks before arrival date. Students may not book their flight without confirming the quarantine hotel status with the university.

5. After confirming with student about quarantine hotel and flight details, university should report arrival flight and quarantine hotel information to MOE for review. 

6. MOE replies approval number for entry permit.

7. Once MOE approves, the university may issue entry permits to students (mentioning the approval number from MOE and arrival date info). 

8. Students eventually arrive Taiwan with all required document for customs (passport, student resident visa, admission letters, entry permit, flight ticket). 
The above mentioned whole process from step 1 – 8 takes at least 6 weeks.
9. Students undergo the required quarantine upon arrival:

  • Day 0: arrival date, check-in at hotel and immediately start quarantine
  • Day 1-14: quarantine in hotel room
  • Day 15: check-out from hotel and free from quarantine

Total 15 nights at the hotel.

10. After completing quarantine, students may start attending classes at the university.
The above mentioned steps was the entry procedure for Fall 2020 semester before the suspension.However, the MOE has currently suspending step 1 (university are not allowed to submit new student’s passport info to MOE and MOE will not process further) in response to the new entry restriction from Taiwan CDC starting January 1, 2021.
As a result, new students are currently not allowed to apply for a visa to Taiwan.
According to media, the entry restriction is said to last for one month (till end of January or early February) and the CDC will then assess whether to extend the entry restriction or not depending on the epidemic development. Should there be any update from the government towards late January or early February, we will inform to new students accordingly.(Please note that Lunar New Year vacation is from FEB 10-16).

If you have further questions, please contact us, thank you.