IEET Accreditation on Nov. 23rd – 24th, 2020

About IEET Accreditation

IEET accreditation is a non-government, peer-review process with a student-outcomes based orientation to accredited educational institutions by IEET (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan). The purpose of which is to determine if a degree-granting program meets certain standards of quality. A program requests for IEET accreditation on a voluntary basis and the accredited status is not permanent; it has to be renewed through periodic review to demonstrate the continuing fulfillment of IEET accreditation criteria.  IEET is a member of the Washington AccordSeoul Accord, and Network of Accreditation Bodies for Engineering Education in Asia (NABEEA). 


To earn IEET accreditation, the EECS IGP must pass periodic evaluations by evaluators assigned by IEET. In a way, IEET assures the students in the accredited institution to receive a quality education. Today at November 23rd- November 24th, 2020, we have a periodic Evaluation from IEET.

We welcome all the committee members from IEET