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2017 New Student Academic Orientation


Welcome to NCTU! To help you get started on the right track,  EECS International Graduate Program would like
to cordially invite you to join our 2017 New Student Academic Orientation designed especially for ECE & CS
international graduate students.  The event is to be held as follows:


Date/time: 2017/09/08, Friday 10:10am

Place : Engineering Bldg. 4 ED528 


Please see below for the highlights of the academic orientation:
  • Welcome speech from ECE/CS College Associate Dean
  • Introduction of EECS International Graduate Program (EECS IGP)
  • EECS IGP academic regulations
  • 5001 seminar guidelines
  • Current student sharing
  • Welcome lunch
Attached is the orientation poster for your reference. Please write to Iris Shih at to
confirm your attendance so that we can be sure to have enough food for everyone. 
We are very looking forward to meeting with you.  Thank you.