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Scholarship/Grant offered by CTCI Foundation


Dear all,
CTCI Foundation, web site is as following link, will offer our students scholarship and grant.   We could recommend 1 student for receiving scholarship ($150,000NTD per year) and 1 for receiving grant ($100,000NTD per year).   However, our recommendation should be reviewed by CTCI Foundation.  Our recommendation doesn't guarantee that you will obtain CTCI's scholarship/grant.  
Applying Period: Now to August 25.  
Applying Procedures:  Complete the attached form and submit to EECS IGP office by Aug. 25.  
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further question.  Thanks! 
P.S.  For life grant, we prefer to giving a student who really needs financial support.   Document which could prove your financial difficulty will be a plus for applying this scholarship/grant.