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Online course add/drop starts on Feb 13th 9:00am


一、      開學後加退選(開學後二週內)
Add and drop after school starts (two weeks after school starts)
1.     對象:全校學生。
All students
2.     選課日期:106213~106224 (時間:每日9:00~24:00
Course registration date:13-24 Feb 2017 (Time: 9:00 am ~ 24:00 pm)
3.     受理項目:一般課程之加退選、興趣選修課程登記志願、有選修人數限制課程登記志願。
Processing items: add and drop of general courses, enter priority options of elective courses, enter priority options of courses with a size limit.
4.     關機時間:選課期間每日00:01-08:59,處理興趣選修課程剩餘名額電腦抽籤分發、有人數限制課程剩餘名額電腦抽籤分發。
Computer shutdown time:  The computer will randomly distribute the remaining openings of elective courses and courses with size limit from 00:01 am to 08:59 am every day during the time of course selection.
5.     有人數限制之課程採當日登記當夜分發處理,未分發上之同學,隔日需重新登記志願。
A standard procedure for courses with size limit is enrollment during the day and distribution during the night. Those who haven’t successfully registered for a course please fill out your preference options the next day.
6.     本階段選課結果核對:請同學務必於224日前上網路選課系統『確認選課狀況』-『查詢選課狀況』,選課狀況以網路為
Result Verification: Please 『confirm courses status』and 『query course status』on the online course selection system before February 24. The online result decides a student’s status of course registration.
二、      上網確認選課狀況(請學生務必確認!!!!)
Confirm online course registration status (Students must confirm!!!)
u  選課加退選截止(224日)前學生應自行上網至網路選課系統『確認選課狀況』-『查詢選課狀況』,確認所選之科目。
Please 『confirm courses status』and 『query course status』on the online course registration system to make sure all courses selected are correct before the course registration deadline (February  24).
  (1)    Online Course Selection System:
  (2)    If you are using 3G dongle, it is suggested to use the online course selection system after you log in NCTU VPN.
         Please visit here for NCTU VPN info:
(3)    Please do not set proxy server on your browser.
(4)    If you forget your password, please
A. Click “forget password” on the course selection system
B.  Please call (03)5712121#50421-50425 to reset your password.