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PhD Students Attending International Conference

* Rules for Subsidy from MOST

*Documents must have for reimbursement your expenses                    

    1. Expense Report
    2. Original receipts of transportation ticket ( including all boarding pass, E-ticket, etc…) & conference registration fee   
    3. Official Document from MOST which approves the subsidy
    4. Official proof of NCTU student leave system
             Students should complete the application for your leave via the above link before you attend the conference.
    5. Acceptance Letter which includes the title of your paper and conference, time, and venue
    6. Download your conference report via the following MOST link
    7. Attach the hardcopy of your conference report for expense reimbursement


Question 1:
I need to get the working permit certification. However, due to applying for delay payment already,
I didn’t get the student ID card’s registration sticker this semester, what should I do?
Step 1. Download the payment list from cashier system.
Step 2. Pay for tuition by E.SUN(玉山) counter or ATM transfer.
Step 3. Take the reciept to Registered Division and get the sticker to apply for working permit.