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Academic Regulations (2017 Academic Year)

Master Degree Program
Doctoral Degree Program

Academic Regulations for students enrolled before 2017 Academic Year, please refer to the following web link.
After you enter the page, please choose your enrolled year on the top of the page; then click our "EECS International Graduate Program" under ECE College. 

Courses (all in English)

2017 Fall Curriculum 
2017 Spring Curriculum
2016 Fall Curriculum
2016 Spring Curriculum
2015 Fall Curriculum
2015 Spring Curriculum   

If you would like to check the other courses (in Chinese medium), please refer to the following link.

P.S. Please make sure to change the "language" to English and choose the level (undergraduate/graduate) and college of the courses  on the above webpage to view the courses offered in both Chinese and English.