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Academic Regulations & Courses

  • For students who enrolled before 106 academic year please use below link to find the regulations for each academic year.
    1. Choose the admitted year and semester.
    2. Choose EECS International Graduate Program under ECE College.  




Question 1:
Which Institutes and Departments or Programs' cousrses under the ECE and CS, EECS?
電機資訊學士班(EECS Undergraduate Honors Program)
碩士在職專班(Degree Program of ECE and CS Colleges)
電機學院博士班(ECE College Doctral Program)
電子工程學系(Department of Electronics Engineering)
電子研究所(Institute of Electronics Engineering)
電機工程學系(Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
電控工程研究所(Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering)
電信工程研究所(Institute of Commnications Engineering)
光電工程學系(Department of Photonics)
光電工程研究所(Institute of EO Engineering)
生醫工程研究所(Institute of BME)
機器人碩士學位學程(Graduate Degree of Program of Robotics)
平面顯示技術碩士學位學程(Master Program of Flat Pannel Display Techonology)
奈米科學及工程學士學位學程(Undergraduate Honors Program of Nano Science and Engieering)
聲音與音樂創意科技碩士學位學程(Master Program of Sound and Music Innovative Technologies)
生醫科學與工程博士學位學程(Ph.D. Program in BME)
光電博士學位學程(Ph.D. Program in Photonics)
電機資訊學院碩士在職專班(Degree Program of ECE and CS Colleges)
資訊工程學系(Department of Computer Scinece)
資訊科學與工程研究所(Institute of Computer Science and Engineering, Master and PhD)
網路工程研究所(Institute of Network Engineering)
多媒體工程研究所(Institute of Multimedia Engineering)
數據科學與工程研究所(Institute of Data Science and Engineering) 
網路與資訊系統博士學位學程(Degree Program of Information and Networks Systems)
資訊學院國防資安管理碩士在職專班(Degree Program of Cyber security Management)

Question 2: 
I have already completed 2 Chinese language courses in the last two semesters, corresponding to 4 credits. Do I still need to take more Chinese language courses?
If you want to apply for the scholarship, you need to follow the scholarship regulation.
The Scholarship recipients must enroll in at least one Chinese language course per
semester in the first two years of the offered award.
If you are not going to apply for the scholarship, then you completed the requirement of Chinese course.

Question 3:
Can I change the subject of my qulification exam ?
Yes, you can. But only for one time and only one subject, except for special case. If you failed the first time, we encourage you to take it again.
Question 4:
How’s the process of Add and Drop Application Form?
1.  First, get the signature of the instructor.
2.  Second, get the stamp from the department assistant of the course

Question 5
I need to know something about the concentration which you mentioned in the file. Is it also applicable to doctoral students? Is it compulsory for me to take 2 subjects from anyone concentration? 
The concentration only for the master student. The courses for PhD, you only need to discuss with your advisor.

Question 6:
If I take the undergraduate course, does it count in my graduate credit?
No, graduated credit only from Ms/PhD course, no from undergraduate. 

Question 7:
How to adjust the publish date after completing the upload to the library?

Name、Student ID number、department and some item below
email to and print it out and sign it.
Public date (after graduated 5 years is the longest):
2.Chinese/English abreast:
Public date (after graduated 5 years is the longest): 
Inner campus and UST publish date:
Off-campus internet and National library publish date:
4.Data Vendor
Publish date:
Authorizationcollection method: Donate to the library or get by yourself (Please attach email、phone number、address)

Question 8:
What do I need to hand in for transfer department application?
Transfer application form with the document as below:
1. The highest education diploma.
2. Transcript from you enroll at NCTU
3. Qualifying record (if PhD)
4. Research report and publication plan in the future.